Night Routine in Recap

So thus ends my current nighttime skincare routine. You know what they say: don’t go to bed without cleaning your face! And moisturizing! And enjoying it! They don’t say all of that but just go with it. You have one face for your life and might as well take the best care of it. If this 4-step process is too much for you, at least stick to the cleaning and moisturizing. Your face will thank you for it.

Did you miss any part of the cleansing, toning, treating, or moisturizing? No fear! Here are all the links below:

ft. jojoba oil, pure raw honey
ft. apple cider vinegar
ft. tea tree oil and lavender oil
ft. vitamin C serum, argan oil, tamanu oil, jojoba oil

Night routine (pt 4: moisturizing)

After I have cleansed, toned, and treated, it is time for moisturizing.
In order of usage,
  1. ~5-6 drops of Mad Hippie’s Vitamin C Serum ($33.99). I went in depth about it here, but in short, this is a powerhouse against the discolorations leftover by my summer breakout and is chock full of antioxidants and moisture. I let this sit for 5 minutes to make sure all the goodness has been absorbed as recommended by Mad Hippie.
  2. 2 drops of Acure Organic’s Argan Oil ($14.99) + 1 drop of Aura Cacia’s Tamanu Oil ($15.99) mixed together in my palm, which I then gently press and massage into my face. I’m using this pair together to combine argan oil’s abundant fatty acids and vitamin E along with tamanu oil’s topical healing and super antimicrobial abilities to heal up my blemish scars. It’s no overnight miracle, but this plus Mad Hippie has been really healing my skin.
  3. 3 drops of Now Solutions’ Jojoba Oil on my arm, 3 for my other arm, 3 for one calf, 3 for another calf, you get the idea.
Note: As for smells and textures, I’m not really picky about these things, so I enjoy Tamanu’s vaguely nutty herbal scent and I don’t smell Argan at all (I don’t know what people are talking about when they say Argan smells bad).
Second note: Yes, they’re oils, and I’m in love with oils, if you can’t tell. And I’m acne-prone, and my skin just drinks these up. Don’t be afraid of oils. They feed your skin amazingness and I think the term oil-free now is kind of silly.

Night routine (pt. 1: cleansing)

Since my face decided to hate me for using coconut oil based products over the summer*, I’ve been following this cleansing routine at night to coax it into behaving, and it’s been working (now my face just mildly dislikes me every now and then). Makeup is gently but thoroughly removed, face is gently but thoroughly cleansed. Check.


1. Rub ~10 drops of jojoba oil between palms and massage onto face to break up the makeup (rhyme)
2. Wet a small towel with warm water and press onto face and go ahhh…(repeat ~3 times) then wipe away makeup
4. Scoop out a tablespoon of raw honey and massage onto face like a normal cleanser
5. Rinse face

Why it’s awesome
  • Jojoba oil is very similar to the oil our skin produces and like dissolves like–aka putting jojoba oil on your face attracts your face’s dirty oils and then you wipe it away. Yay. (also rhyme)
  • Raw honey is antibacterial, antifungal, moisturizing, smells awesome, tastes good if you get it in your mouth (can’t say that about most cleansers on the market), and all-around just fantastic.
  • Double cleansing (aka this oil followed by honey business) first takes care of oil-based dirt (like makeup) and then water-based dirt (like sweat). It’s got all the dirt covered.
(~$20 total)


*Some people have great results with coconut oil because it is also antibacterial, antifungal, and moisturizing but other people like me don’t. It is also possible that I wasn’t using the most purest form of coconut oil so that may have also skewed my results.

Skin and Bones Moisturizer

Also sad I’ve run out of this jojoba oil moisturizer sample from Skin & Bones as well. I experimented a bit with using it for my face, but since I am trying to stick to a routine to clear up a bout of facial acne, I ended up using it more as a body moisturizer. It has this exotic woodsy smell that is really fresh right after the shower, absorbs well and easily, and keeps my body nicely moisturized. ($30 – 1.7 oz, $50 – 3.4 oz, $90 – 6.7 oz, $0 if you catch it on a free sample Friday!)