#GreenBeauty Expired Skincare #3

How in the world this happened I have no clue, but I was editing a new video when I found this (fully edited) video that I filmed last summer about the expired skincare and bodycare in my arsenal. Better late than never, I suppose. It’s a long one (as usual), I talk about why I couldn’t finish products (or why I didn’t want to finish them), and I hope you enjoy! Check it out on YouTube for the full info section. xx

Expired #GreenBeauty Products #1

Expired GreenBeauty Products 1

First things first, I chopped my hair. Also, I’ve accumulated quite the stash of products in my collection that have expired on me and rambled about them, why I couldn’t finish them, and other thoughts on the ‘tube. Grab a cuppa, head over to YouTube to watch (for the full service of the info box), or just click play down below.

What products expire on you and which do you finish long before expiring?

My Mama’s Green Beauty Picks

Mama's Green Beauty Picks

In honor of Mother’s Day, I bring you my mama’s picks from the green beauty world. She was slightly resistant to greening her routine at first since she long developed her own groove, but graciously opened up to my obsession with healthy beauty. What started with me pushing products onto her to try has turned into her purchasing them herself or requesting suggestions from me. I’m a proud mama hen of a mama hen.

La Bella Figura | Découverte Under Eye Repair Serum
It makes my eyes look nice. My eyes look less baggy. Also, the smell is really good and even though it is an oil, it doesn’t feel oily because the skin absorbs it in. I think it definitely tightens up the skin around my eye and makes the skin tone better. I really see a difference.

Laurel Whole Plant Organics | Healing Balm 

Remember, my neck, it’s very sensitive; I get allergic reactions. It can get very itchy and red, but this healing balm repairs my skin. I haven’t had [reactions] for a long time. So I love this one. Also sometimes I use the leftover from my neck on my face after I apply the Antioxidant Serum because sometimes my face is sometimes a little itchy, just a very little amount. (Ed. note: she’s repurchased this probably three times by now)
Laurel Whole Plant Organics | Antioxidant Serum 
It’s an oil but it doesn’t make skin oily (Ed. note: this is especially important to her because she uses powder foundation, and powder foundation on an oily face looks no bueno). It smells really good. It makes me feel good because it’s made up of plants. (Ed. note: she’s on her first repurchase of this)
It cleanses your face pretty well and removes makeup too. Sometimes, when I wash my face, every other day, I put a little of the scrub in while I’m washing. (Ed. note: when Whole Foods has this on sale, she buys them in bulk)
I like to use it to wash my [makeup off] even though it’s expensive. (*laughs) (Ed. note: I left a sample of this at time, and to my delight, she went out on her own and purchased it. And then used it on her face as a makeup remover to my dismay. Oh well. At least she found a way to enjoy it.)
Josh Rosebrook | Hair Spray Firm Hold
If I tease my hair and spray it, it holds hair in place really well. (Ed. note: my mom is a huge hairspray snob and she uses hairspray all the time to keep hair out of her face and in a neat bun. Before this one, she used the same brand for years and years and years, so this is actually a big deal.)
Usually when you wear sunscreen under makeup, the makeup really does not look very good. Usually sunscreen is very greasy. But this one is not. It wears really nicely under makeup because it’s very smooth and silky. (Ed. note: she buys this one in bulk too.)
Disclaimer: I queried my mom and she graciously provided answers. Only editing was for grammar and editorial notes. All products purchased by her, images screenshotted from each respective brand’s website. Image of the two of us was from A Night From Green Beauty last summer in Los Angeles. Affiliate links are included.


Pratima Neem Rose Sunscreen SPF 30

Consider this post as one giant #FBF (#FlashBackFriday, if you will) to a sunny Labor Day Weekend.

People seem to think that the non-chalky, non-white-cast-leaving, non-thick, non-greasy sunscreen is like a mythical creature. A unicorn. I was doing some finger-wagging over the summer, scolding some very browned Asian teenage boys for not wearing sunscreen during water polo practice, and they complained that sunscreen was too thick, too greasy, and they’d rather tan than wear it. Besides, laziness/they can’t think far ahead enough to even comprehend what sun damage can do/boys will be boys.

But guys, this unicorn has been tamed! The days of white-cast-leaving, thick, greasy sunscreen have long been over! The summer before this last summer, I was ready to call it quits with Consonant’s Perfect Sunscreen. Indeed, according to its name, I thought it was perfect. I thought it was light, unoffensive, and provided sun protection without making my face a shade lighter or adding an extra layer of thickness.

And then this past summer, I took a stab at Pratima’s Neem Rose Sunscreen with SPF 30 without sampling beforehand, it having been long on my wish list since it was incepted into my mind how good it was (could have sworn I saw it from NMDL, but can’t find the source) and seeing it recommended by other #greenbbloggers like Sarita of Edible Facial and Nancy of Glossed in Brooklyn. And unfortunately I have to revise my previous statement. After emptying this bottle, I went back to a fresh bottle of Perfect Sunscreen and realized actually how much lighter Pratima’s Neem Rose Sunscreen was. This sunscreen is truly the perfect, perfect sunscreen.

There are several winning points.

First, towards the end of the summer, my mother began borrowing my sunscreen and eventually requested I help her purchase her own + backups and additionally the body sunscreen. My mother has graciously and lovingly hopped aboard the #greenbeauty train to the realm of green skincare. She is a picky, picky woman with high expectations who still has not liked any green foundation I have given her to try and yet, she requested this sunscreen. #MomApproved

Second, this sunscreen has an extremely light texture that even rivals the texture of some moisturizers. This was the first thing I realized after going back to Consonant’s sunscreen–Consonant’s sunscreen made Pratima’s feel like a cloud! Pratima’s sunscreen does not feel like the stereotypical, villainous sunscreen–it feels like a moisturizer. And even lighter than cream moisturizers like Pai’s Geranium and Thistle Cream. A pump and a half over my moisturizing routine patted in with my fingers feels unnoticeable. Also I never got any weird pilling effects after applying foundation or breakouts while using this sunscreen.

Stunning moisturizer-like texture aside, while this never left me feeling any drier or tighter (ironically have had this tendency with some moisturizers), I always used an oil or oil + cream under this to provide my face with ample moisture. Also to be noted is that the sunscreen comes in a food grade container + a pump which conveniently dispenses the product up until the very end, where you may need to unscrew the cap to get out the last bits.

Third, a non-offensive scent. I have tried some of Pratima’s other skincare (Pearl Cream) and bodycare (Vata Body Oil) offerings through sample with orders and noticed the scents of those products came off pretty strong. The sunscreen, however, smells lightly of rose–which is a twofold benefit, I think: a therapeutic scent with regenerative and harmonizing effects. Also you’d never guess that the stinky yet powerfully antibacterial/fungal/everything bad and healing neem would be hiding in the folds.

Fourth, the complete absence of any white cast. None. Nada. You’ll forget that you’ve applied it.

Lastly, I’ve never sunburned where I have applied it and once–just once–I sunburned in the one place where I forgot to apply it. On a typical day, I will apply sunscreen under my makeup once, and then cautiously measure my time out in the sun and take preventative measures (hiding in the shade, wearing a hat, etc.) On said Labor Day weekend, I dutifully skipped makeup in order to reapply every two hours on my face and body. Except I forgot my lower legs, which I carelessly dangled outside the protective shady sphere of the umbrella. The result: sad sunburned calves and an otherwise impeccably unsunburned body. The lesson: practice safe sun!

A+ performance aside, a look at the surprisingly simple list of ingredients that make this sunscreen a winner. Water, okay. Non-nano zinc oxide–a physical sun blocker. Organic extracts of neem (anti-bad, anti-acne), brahmi (aka gotu kola aka vitamin C, anti-inflammatoryantioxidant land), shatavari (antioxidants, antidepressant, antibacterial, toning) and licorice (healing, anti-inflammatory)–very nice. And add rose, also therapeutic and healing.

All in all, a soothing, inflammatory, anti-bad, and antioxidant-ful combination of ingredients that result in a silky sunscreen that given blind, you would never guess to be a sunscreen due to its wonderfully light texture that also performs.

tl;dr Truly a perfect sunscreen with a texture lighter than even some moisturizers, non-offensive scent, no white cast, and no sunburns. Also, mom-approved.

Have you tried this sunscreen? What are your thoughts? Even though the weather is getting chillier, are you still slathering up the SPF? (I am). If so, what have you been using?


Disclaimer: I’ve purchased this sunscreen myself at least once or twice, and I helped my mom purchase several for herself and my sister all from pratimaskincare.com. Shipping costs will make you sad. But they worth the product, so stock up.

Additional Sources: 

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Wednesday Wishlist: Word of Mouth

Though I’m not officially-officially participating in #NoBuyJanuary, I have been very good and have not bought any new products since the new year. Okay, I bought a texturizing spray from my local organic salon after I chopped off my hair last weekend. Okay, I also bought more Dr. Bronner’s soap after returning to my apartment after winter break. Otherwise, I have been avoiding January sales like the plague. But I could have one more facial oil–no, I must resist. And for good measure–I’ve been loving the products I have even more. But I could have one more cleanser–no!

On this wishlist are some products I have read up on recently through blogs, Twitter, and Instagram. I have banned myself from purchasing products unless I am out of its particular category, so it will likely be many months until I get on these two cleansers. But cream moisturizer–that I am almost out of. And I don’t have a blemish treatment quite like this one so…

Flight Skincare Sheer Luxury Milk Cleanser
I first got wind of this makeup-removing cleanser from Asti of Skjonnhet, who loved this for keeping her skin calm and properly hydrated. What got her attention and mine was the unique ingredients of Goat’s milk (contains vitamins A, B6, B12 and E, balances skins PH) and Quandong Seed (refreshing, high concentration of vitamin C). I am all for gentle cleansers and hey, legend has it that Cleopatra bathed in milk to keep her skin super soft. If it was good enough for Cleopatra…not to mention, I love that the founder’s Instagram is full of beautiful scenes of Australia, the beach, juices, and more. ($37 for 100ml)

Pratima Skincare Pitta Herbal Cleanser
After reading the book Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life by Dr. Claudia Welch (which I discovered through No More Dirty Looks), I was intrigued by the concept of matching one’s diet and lifestyle to one’s dosha. Pratima Skincare takes it one step further: matching one’s skincare to one’s dosha. In the two dosha quizzes I’ve taken, Pitta has been a common variable, and knowing the fiery, often stressful person I am, the Pitta Herbal Cleanser, as discovered from Tina at OurWonderLust, sounds like a lovely, calming powder-to-liquid cleanser. Ingredients include milk powder, aloe, sandalwood, lavender for a targeted solution for combination, sensitive, or blemish-prone skin (*raises hand for all three). ($20 for 2oz)

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Cell Revitalise Day Moisturiser
Knowing how good probiotics are for the gut and therefore skin, I love the idea of probiotics in skincare. I have been enjoying Aurelia’s Miracle Cleanser for its cooling, lotion-y texture, and since I’ve been slowly getting back into cream moisturizers, I can only imagine what this moisturizer must be like. I swear I read Megan from Seed to Serum hinting at this moisturizer being a favorite of hers, but she for sure did love the Night Moisturiser. Also, jasmine-scented things are my new jam. ($65 for 60ml)

Indie Lee Blemish Lotion
The Blemish Lotion seems like the talc-free version of the non-green and well-loved Mario Badesco’s Drying Lotion. I love Osmia Organic’s Spot Treatment for how gently it heals blemishes, but according to Liz from @lizthegreenspirit, this atomizes zits. Sold. ($26 for 1oz)

Have you tried any of these products? What have you been wishing for?