Sales of Thanksgiving

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As I’m marking each email with a #greenbeauty sale that arrives in my inbox, I am almost a bit hesitant to share them with you as I did last year in a big post of savings as a different kind of message is cropping up.

As a fellow consumer, I completely understand that you have probably been saving up for these sales in order to stock up on your favorite products, to try new products, to buy gifts for your friends and loved ones, and so on. Me too (well, sort of–I have been noticing a scary trend in my budget that I tend to spend more on green beauty than my groceries each month). Yesterday alone, I clicked the “checkout” button three times to get in on sales and avoid any out-of-stock issues. Continue reading Sales of Thanksgiving

Loving yourself…and Spirit Beauty Lounge


Ordered from Spirit Beauty Lounge. If SBL was a physical store, I think I would just live there for the rest of my life. Seriously love browsing through SBL’s amazing products.
On Valentine’s Day, you typically have your gushy “I love Valentine’s Day!”, the proud “It’s Singles Awareness Day!” (“Galentine’s Day” even), and the bitter “I hate this day.” But this year, I saw this message for the first time wedged in between Valentine’s Day sales and soft pretty pink beauty how-to’s (Chalkboard Mag has a lovely one): “Love yourself!”

So, this is me, patting myself on the back, saying, “Jade, old chap, I know you’ve been stressed over school and hating on yourself for the little things, but it’s okay. Have some cookies. Or better yet, some May Lindstrom Clean Dirt that smells like the best cookies and has the most amazing ingredients. Now you’re a super poor college student and can never spend money on anything else again, so you better enjoy it. And more importantly, love yourself. You do your skin no favors if you don’t love and accept yourself.”