Vered Organic Botanicals for Problematic Skin

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Vered Organic Botanicals hails from New York City. Its namesake comes from creator, founder, and master esthetician Vered Back, who blends her magical aromatherapy into a base of therapeutic herb-infused oils. Her private clients begged her to bottle up her customized facial oil blends, and the rest is history…

Vered Organic Botanicals had me at therapeutic and balancing–the beautiful glass packaging and magnificent scents were welcome bonuses. In Vered’s interview with Fig+Sage, she deemed the Therapeutic Balancing Face Oil and the Herb-Infused Toner as “incredibly beneficial for problematic skin,” and my improved skin tone and diminishing trend of breakouts serves as evidence.

I have already waxed poetic about the Herb-Infused Toner for its cleansing-toning powers, so I will turn the spotlight on the Therapeutic Balancing Face Oil. TBFO is a lightweight oil blend of organic, ethically sourced, therapeutic-grade essential oils and herbs. The dreamy ingredients list includes antimicrobial lemongrass, antiseptic myrrh, healing calendula, and cooling chickweed in a base of jojoba oil and sweet almond oil, giving the oil a spicy kick and golden color.

It’s not just all spice and nice, though; this oil gives the boot to breakouts. Even when hormones are being hormones and oh hello crazy under-the-jaw breakout, this oil heals and soothes, helping my skin with the healing process. Two to three drops after toning and cleansing leaves my skin feeling moisturized with no irritation. I can’t say I am suddenly breakout-free and my skin tone is perfect, but this duo has greatly healed my skin and put me farther on the path to happy, clear skin.

With great power comes great responsibility, so a word of caution to those with sensitivities to any of the essential oils–know your allergies, patch test, and ease your way in. HIT emptied out at the 3-month mark with day and night use and sometimes a bit extra if I worked out during the day. TBFO, however, may hit even the fourth or even fifth month, thanks to initially every other day and morning use for the first weeks easing into everyday and night use–with great self-control. 

Have you tried any Vered? What have your experiences been like?

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