15 #GreenBeauty Favorites from 2015

15 Favorites of 2015

The cleanser with coconut oil that my skin lovesMV Organics Gentle Cream Cleanser

I put off trying this cleanser for years out of fear that the coconut oil would break me out. Until I had a mini MV Organic Skincare facial at a Credo Beauty. The cleanser is mega gentle, and although creamy, leaves no oily residue or breakouts, surprisingly.

The rosey facial oil calms my acneMV Organics Rose Plus Skin Booster

I also put off trying this for years not out of fear, but more out of “meh, rose? Overrated.” My Credo Beauty facialist and MV founder Sharon both recommended I give it a try for my acneic therefore sensitive skin and I have never been more loyal to a facial oil. You may have noticed my posting volume has been way down the past several months which I have been in grad school. Given my insane stress levels (group projects, ugh), my face should have broken out so much more given how sensitive my face is typically to stress. I’m not complaining.

The face mask that is good enough to sleep inTata Harper Resurfacing Mask Continue reading 15 #GreenBeauty Favorites from 2015

Be Clean Shop Picks, Grand Opening Details, and Coupon Code

If you’ve watched my last video (if you haven’t, get on it here), I mentioned Be Clean, a shop in DC, in relation to some Soul Sunday aromatherapy rollers I purchased from their online boutique. I was prompted to purchase by an Instagram giveaway they held celebrating the soon-opening of their brick-and-mortar shop, and I am happy to say the day of the grand opening is finally here. Since the world of green beauty is so largely centered online, it’s a thrill to see shops taking it from online to real life.

Becky from Be Clean kindly asked me to share the lowdown and has offered a 15% discount code for my readers (this is a first for Nephriticus). Read on for what I’m thinking of picking up this weekend and for the code…

Essential Apothecary Alchemist | Hydrate Face and Hair Mist
Frankincense hydrosol and marine phytoplankton. Them sea algae have some serious moisture game and I love me some exotic hydrosol. Also, sandalwood and rose geranium. Some of my favorite scents.

Aster & Bay | Dandelion Face Grains
I’ve been eyeing this brand and this product for a while. Dandelion root, marshmallow root, licorice root, fennel seed? Sounds detoxifying and delicious as both an exfoliating scrub and a mask every now and then.

Soul Sunday | Aromatherapy Roller Oils
Have to include this one, because unicorns. Since I already have a unicorn of my own, I’d like to sniff some of the other blends, such as No Worries. I always can use a little help to de-stress.

Herbivore Botanicals | Lapis Face Oil
I have also been eyeing Herbivore Botanicals’ facial oils since their launch. Lapis is probably the best pick for my kind of skin–blue chamomile and blue yarrow are apparently anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, and I’m obsessed with jasmine. Also, it’s BLUE.

Honorable mentions–Becky also mentioned they’ve just started carrying Josh Rosebrook (love that Hydrating Accelerator and the Nutrient Day Cream), but it’s only in the studio for now.

Now for the what’s, when’s, and where’s…

When: Saturday, May 16 from 4-8pm
Where: 52 O Street NW #308, Washington DC 20017
Why: To celebrate Be Clean’s grand opening!
What: Sips, snacks, local food tasting, and special promotions all afternoon!

I’m planning to be there, and for all of you in the D.C/Baltimore area, I hope to see you there too!

For 15% off all orders, use the code nephriticusfriends and please let me know what you decide to pick up. This code will be valid until next Wednesday, May 20.

Disclaimer: Excluding the event details, screenshots, and snap of the shop (I’ll be sure to snap some of my own this weekend), all thoughts, hopes, and opinions are my own. I am not being compensated for sharing the good news.


YÜLI M.E. Skin Fuel

Majeure essentielle, the namesake of YÜLI Skincare’s M.E. Skin Fuel, translates to “most essential” in French. This is a very appropriate name for a “multivitamin optimizer” facial serum packed with antioxidants in a moisturizing base of jojoba oil, argan oil, and apricot kernel oil.

In my Liebster Award post (link here), I called this my “dream breakfast plus flowers” due to the inclusion of antioxidant-rich pomegranate oil, red raspberry oil, broccoli seed oil, and indian fig seed oil (aka prickly pear or barbary). Each “contain[s] high levels of anti-oxidants that fight free radicals and skin aging” (source here). Served on the side of these yummies are antimicrobial helichrysum (source here), soothing jasmine (source here), and anti-inflammatory dandelion (source here).

Besides being loaded with antioxidants, red raspberry oil is also high in vitamin A and essential fatty acids (source here) and broccoli seed oil hydrates and calms inflammation, while providing greaseless hydration and a smooth finish, thanks to its similar performance as silicone (source here and here).  Prickly pear is the “next pomegranate” thanks to its high level of betalins, aka high antioxidants and anti-inflammation (source here). Another anti-inflammatory ingredient, black cumin oil, is anti-everything bad (fungal, viral, bacterial, inflammation) and nourishes in the face of blemishes (source here).

True to its ingredients, this serum felt nourishing and left my skin soft with a dewy glow when applied after a spritz of toner post-cleansing. I found it moisturizing enough in the summer alone, but I found I needed an extra layer of moisture (usually cream moisturizer, but sometimes May Lindstrom’s Blue Cocoon) in the winter. I smell a sort of peppery-jasmine-ness, but Green Derm has said that the jasmine extract in this serum is unlike any other jasmine. Reviews on Spirit Beauty Lounge rave about its jasmine-honey scent (best part–YÜLI didn’t add any extra essential oils for fragrance. Smelling good without trying. Nice).

This serum didn’t exacerbate blemishes, though it didn’t prevent them either (not like it could stop me from eating sweets or stressing out–work in progress). Whenever I did have blemishes, this helped in the process of healing them, thanks to all of its anti-inflammatory properties, I’m sure. Overall, I think this is a solid oil with really star ingredients that has kept my skin healthy and well-fueled for whatever came my way.

tl;dr Contains delicious and drool-inducing antioxidants, is nourishing and anti-inflammatory, leaves a smooth finish, heals in the face of blemishes. Liquid Courage is next on my to-try list…

Have you used this facial serum? What are your thoughts? If not, what facial serum are you loving right now?

Ingredients: S. chinensis (Jojoba) oil*, A. spinosa (Argan) oil*, P. armeniaca (Apricot Kernel) oil*, N. Sativa (Black Cumin) oil*, P. granatum (Pomegranate) oil*, R. idaeus (Red Raspberry) seed oil*, B. oleracea (Broccoli) seed oil*, O. ficus-indica (Indian Fig) seed oil*, H. rhamnoides (Sea Buckthorn) oil*, T. officinale (Dandelion) infused in jojoba oil*, Supercritical extracts of H. rhamnoides (Sea Buckthorn) seed and fruit*, H. italicum (Helichrysum)* extract, N. Caerulea (Blue Lotus) extract^^, J. grandiflorum (Jasmine) extract*

*  Organic
^^ Wildcrafted

Disclaimer: I purchased this serum myself from yuliskincare.com, though Spirit Beauty Lounge now stocks YÜLI–hooray! All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Elizabeth Dehn for OLO Vitamin C Serum

Did you know that an easy way to sneak green tea into recipes is to substitute it for wherever the recipe calls for water? Thanks interwebz for this tip. This morning I had green tea in my pancakes (based on this recipe), green tea on the side, and green tea on my face à la Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics’ Active Moisture Vitamin C Serum.

I sampled this over the summer via One Love Organics’ active moisture sample pack, which by the way is very affordable and gives a good feel for the products (aka I got hooked on this and the cleanser, both of which I got in full size). I began using the cleanser and this serum after my midday yoga session, and between how soft it made my face, the research on the importance of topical vitamin C, and the fact that green tea is the first ingredient on the list, I upgraded to full size ($68 for 24ml) after my sample ran out.

What makes this product special is twofold: its moisturizing properties and stable vitamin C. Green tea seed oil has “outstanding moisture-retaining ability”, is rich in fatty acids and vitamins, and contains squalene, an “important component of the skin’s natural emollient system”. Sunflower seed oil, shea seed oilbaobab, and sea buckthorn oil all contain moisturizing vitamins (among which are E and scar-fighting A). Vitamin C in general is a wrinkle fighter by stimulating collagen production and protects against UV damage–all very desirable things! However, vitamin C is tricky in skincare, as vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid can be unstable and cause the formation of more free radicals–the very thing it is supposed to fight! Luckily, vitamin C in the form of fat-soluble ascorbyl palmitate, also known as vitamin C ester, is less irritating and more stable, which is what is used in this serum. It shows “greater antioxidant activity and performs at much lower doses” than ascorbic acid, and even “[increases] the antioxidant effect and protection of vitamin E, which is another free radical fighting powerhouse” in the serum.

No matter the season or what I layer the serum under or over, this rose-scented serum always makes my face feel very moisturized, supple, plump, and bright. During the summer, I would add one pump on top of my YÜLI M.E. Skin Fuel during the day every now and then or by itself after a yoga session. When I used the serum alone, I did not find it to help with my main skin concern, acne, so I’ve primarily designated this as an extra injection of moisture into my skin, which it does very well. Now in the drier winter, I have especially been appreciating this serum. Two pumps over M.E. Skin Fuel (or Cell Perfecto PM at night) and a cream moisturizer keeps my face from feeling uncomfortably dry. If I’m low on time, I’ll add one pump to my favorite Consonant sunscreen and be left with a radiant look.

tl;dr Packed with super moisturizing ingredients like green tea (yum) and stable vitamin C that fights free radicals instead of causing more. Love how soft and plump it leaves my skin.

Have you tried this serum? What are your thoughts?

Ingredients: organic camellia sinensis (green tea) seed oil, organic helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, butyrospermum parkii (shea) seed oil, organic adansonia digitata (baobab) oil, poly- hydroxystearic acid, sambucus nigra fruit extract (elderberry) extract, l-ascorbyl palmitate (vitamin c), tocopherol (vitamin e), organic supercritical hippophae rhamnoides (sea buckthorn) oil, organic rosehip (rosa canina) fruit extract, proprietary natural & organic fragrance

The Skincare Tag

Thank you Marcella from Naturally Marcy for tagging me! Hope you enjoy~

My skin is the king.

Dry, acne-prone


Oils. I love facial and body oils so much. I love how concentrated they can be and the nourishing benefits they can have! Never thought I would ever say this before I got into green beauty–I used to be all over oil-free.

For facial oils, I love YÜLI Skincare’s Cell Perfecto PM for night and M.E. Skin Fuel for mornings. The Cell Perfecto PM has drastically faded my acne scars and M.E. Skin Fuel fuels my skin with moisture and good-enough-to-eat ingredients (pomegranate, broccoli, um yum?). I like Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organic’s Vitamin C Serum as an extra when I need an extra layer of moisture–it makes my face super soft and smells relaxingly of roses.

For body oils, I love Osmia Organic’s Sunset and Flower body oils. Sunset smells sultry and delicious, Flower like a fresh flower field. Lina Hanson’s Global Body Serum (see post here) also smells deliciously of citrus and vanilla. And they all are fabulous at moisturizing.


Eating healthy, stressing less, exercising often, more sleep, and leaving those blemishes alone! I find my skin goes from not blemishy to very blemishy very quickly as soon I as up the snacks, the stress, and start going to bed regularly at 2. But when I’m on that yoga mat more mornings than not. drinking those green smoothies, chilling out, and sleeping, blemishes don’t even stand a chance. But when I am naughty and pop pimples, I do like the Dr. Alkaitis Soothing Gel (see post here) to help with the healing afterwards.

I also love a weekly (or bi-weekly) mask treatment to ward off spots. May Lindstrom’s The Problem Solver and YÜLI Skincare’s Pure are kicking blemishes off of my face like pros. The Problem Solver is spicier, more warming (like you actually feel a warming sensation), and takes more time (45 min). Pure is gentler, takes less time (10-15 min). Both are clay-based, leave my face soft, and suck the life out of blemishes.


Hail to the not necessary. I used to have face wipes on hand for a quick midday makeup removal, but I so much more enjoy my proper cleansing routine. I feel like green beauty does cleansers so well that face wipes are just not needed. Even if you’re feeling lazy, you can almost DIY a “face wipe” with a cleansing oil like the Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics Vitamin B Cleansing Oil (see post here) on a cotton round followed by a splash of water. But if you’re into real cleaning, I love the oil to remove makeup, followed either by YÜLI’s Halcyon (super gentle and floral) or May Lindstrom’s newly released The Honey Mud (chocolate honey).

Hail to the absolutely yay. I love toners. They’re great for that extra boost of moisture pre-moisturizing, post-makeup, or in the middle of the day.

Simple: Heritage Store Rosewater & Glycerin Spray (see post here)
Astringent: Vered Botanicals Herb-Infused Toner (see post here and here)
Acne-Prone: YÜLI Skincare Panacea Elixir (see post here)
Oily: Pai Orange and Rice Bioaffinity Toner
Extra moisture: YÜLI Skincare Cocoon Elixir (see post here)

Taking high-end to mean quality–both. I think in general skincare should come before makeup, because you should take care of your skin before you start adding extra color to it. I banned myself from blush and bronzer until my cheeks healed from redness and acne, and now, I am having a ball experimenting with color.

Well, my mom and my sister thought I was crazy when I brought One Love Organics Skin Savior Balm home and told them it was a cleanser and a moisturizer. Then when I broke out they were like, “Well obviously because you were using a cleanser as your moisturizer!” (True story: I did actually mix up a cleanser and moisturizer once, was breaking out for a month, and did not realize my mistake until my mom pointed it out to me)

Quick, someone find me the jojoba oil! Makeup remover, face moisturizer, body moisturizer, you name it.

I can sum it all up with a bit of Kant: treat humanity as an ends, not a means.

You are a part of humanity, so treat yourself, and therefore your skin with respect. You may want to try all sorts of awesome products, but resist! Don’t use your skin as a means. Listen to your skin and see what it needs first. Protect your skin! With sunscreen (or a wide-brimmed hat) and gloves in the winter. Keep dirty hands away from your face–blemishes don’t need anymore reasons to pop up!

I have had a lot of fun reading everybody else’s skincare tags, and I’d love to read yours, reader! I’d also love to read Garcy’s from Eco Diva Beauty and Asti’s from Skjonnhet.

Wednesday Wishlist

I’ve got a Cognition exam tomorrow, but there’s no time like 10 minutes before midnight for a Wednesday Wishlist right? Especially since my last one was from July.

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Miracle Cleanser 120 ml for $53 from Net-a-Porter
I have heard all the good things about this cleanser from mainstream beauty mavens to my favorite green beauties. Into the Gloss, Caroline Hirons, Genuine Glow, and Seed to Serum all raved of how smooth and hydrated this cleanser leaves them, not to mention the lush creamy consistency, the wonderful smell, and beautifully soft muslin. Besides the fact everyone seems to love this, what also makes this line special is the use of probiotics. “I can’t understand how probiotics are supposed to benefit your skin, as they are designed to be processed in your digestive system” went some sassy comment on Caroline Hirons’ post. Turns out probiotics in skincare counter the effects of sun exposure and inflammation. Booyah. I’m a bit rusty on my hot cloth and balm cleansing, and this sounds like a great all/winter moisturizing, makeup-removing cleanser.

MUN No. 1 Aknari Nighttime Dream Youth Serum 15 ml for $95 from Mun Skin
This is another well-loved gem in the green beauty and mainstream world. Models, spa owners, makeup artists, The Green Product Junkie, and Epic Beauty Guide praise the serum for its hydrating effects, simplicity, efficacy against dark circles and blemishes, and more. I love argan, I love the smell of rose oil, and I am itching to try prickly pear seed oil. Can’t have enough moisture or blemish-fighting powers going into these colder and drier months.

Kahina Giving Beauty Eye Serum 15 ml for $78 from Kahina Giving Beauty
This brand has been on my radar for yonks, and I nearly went for their travel set when I was transitioning away from DIY skincare, but instead went with Dr. Alkaitis for blemishy reasons. With all the love that No More Dirty Looks and Truth in Aging gives this brand, I know I will press that checkout button soon–eventually. The eye serum flew back on my radar recently with a blog post or an Instagram picture that I can’t find or immediately remember! It is buried in my BlogLovin’ or instagram feed, but clementinefields’ will definitely do. Reduce puffiness and dark circles with a product that gives back? Exactly what I’m looking for, what with staying up until 2am and even 3am seeming to become a trend…

H. Gillerman Organics Remedy Pack $160 from H. Gillerman
Hope from H. Gillerman was such a tease about this one–this all-in-one pack popped up on various Twitters and instagrams of celebrities (did you know she’s buddies with Lea Michele and Miley Cyrus? Yep) and green beauty queens in its cute little Baggu bag before its official release. The pack includes her four famed remedies: sinus, stress, sleep, and tension in super concentrated essential oil form.  And it’s limited edition! I am coveting my little samples of sleep and sinus that came with my jaw-clenching tension remedy rollerball, and from how soothing these blends smell, I can only imagine how great the other ones are…

So tell me, have you tried any of these products? What have you been wishing for lately?

Vered Organic Botanicals for Problematic Skin

from my personal Instagram

Vered Organic Botanicals hails from New York City. Its namesake comes from creator, founder, and master esthetician Vered Back, who blends her magical aromatherapy into a base of therapeutic herb-infused oils. Her private clients begged her to bottle up her customized facial oil blends, and the rest is history…

Vered Organic Botanicals had me at therapeutic and balancing–the beautiful glass packaging and magnificent scents were welcome bonuses. In Vered’s interview with Fig+Sage, she deemed the Therapeutic Balancing Face Oil and the Herb-Infused Toner as “incredibly beneficial for problematic skin,” and my improved skin tone and diminishing trend of breakouts serves as evidence.

I have already waxed poetic about the Herb-Infused Toner for its cleansing-toning powers, so I will turn the spotlight on the Therapeutic Balancing Face Oil. TBFO is a lightweight oil blend of organic, ethically sourced, therapeutic-grade essential oils and herbs. The dreamy ingredients list includes antimicrobial lemongrass, antiseptic myrrh, healing calendula, and cooling chickweed in a base of jojoba oil and sweet almond oil, giving the oil a spicy kick and golden color.

It’s not just all spice and nice, though; this oil gives the boot to breakouts. Even when hormones are being hormones and oh hello crazy under-the-jaw breakout, this oil heals and soothes, helping my skin with the healing process. Two to three drops after toning and cleansing leaves my skin feeling moisturized with no irritation. I can’t say I am suddenly breakout-free and my skin tone is perfect, but this duo has greatly healed my skin and put me farther on the path to happy, clear skin.

With great power comes great responsibility, so a word of caution to those with sensitivities to any of the essential oils–know your allergies, patch test, and ease your way in. HIT emptied out at the 3-month mark with day and night use and sometimes a bit extra if I worked out during the day. TBFO, however, may hit even the fourth or even fifth month, thanks to initially every other day and morning use for the first weeks easing into everyday and night use–with great self-control. 

Have you tried any Vered? What have your experiences been like?

(Sources: About Veredlemongrass, myrrh, chickweed, calendula)

Feeding my skin with Dr. Alkaitis

When it comes to green skincare, I had my start with a balm.

I rubbed that balm of pure plant oils in between my fingers and onto my face, watched my makeup melt away, and I was like, “Wow…awesome…” And then I wiped the residue away with a warm washcloth and I was like, “Wow…even more awesome…” And then I moisturized with it. My mom and my sister were incredulous, “How can you moisturize and cleanse with the same product?!” With the power of organic plant oils, that’s how…

Unfortunately while I liked the balm, my face didn’t get along with it. (My mom and my sister blamed it on the double-duty cleansing and moisturizing–false!!) The same thing happened with coconut oil (though I’m sure I didn’t get a pure enough form), and at this point my face was screaming unhappiness in the form of face-wide breakouts.

That was when I began cleansing with pure, raw honey, after removing makeup with jojoba oil and a warm washcloth. I followed with argan oil for moisturizing. My face calmed down within the next couple months, but it was still a bit traumatized, breaking out, and starting to get drier from the winter weather. After coming back from this last winter break, I decided it was time to put away my DIY fairy and put my face in the hands of Dr. Alkaitis.


I was drawn to Dr. Alkaitis for several reasons. Did you know he was a prodigy violinist before going into science? Hello, fellow musician! And how he did not set out to create an organic skincare line, but in order to create the best skincare line, he had to make it organic? Win! And talk about winning, they’ve won various awards, many of which concerning problematic/acneic skin? Also their motto:
If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin™
It is now three months since purchasing the Trial and Travel kit, and first of all, this lasted me much longer than 7-12 days. The trial-size Cleanser and Soothing Gel ran out after about 2 months with constant use, and I’m still going on the Treatment Oil. Second, I have already purchased some of the full sizes. This should give you an idea of what is about to follow.

Before diving into the products, I emailed the Alkaitis team for recommendations for my combo, acne-prone skin, and I will interweave their suggestions (indented) along with my experience.

1). In the morning and at night use our Organic Purifying Facial Cleanser. It cleans the skin gently, deeply and thoroughly. It removes old skin cells and leaves the skin moist, soft and refreshed.

Put a little on your middle finger, scoop up some water and gently massage your face until foam avoiding the eye area, rinse with lukewarm water and dab dry.

The smell. The smell. I fell in love at first sniff. And then with the cleansing power. Two pumps dispenses just enough for a gentle foaming massage, and my face feels clean but not dry after rinsing. The foaming does not come from the usual, harsh sulfates that are used in conventional foamy face washes, but from an organic castile base including olive, shea, and coconut oil. Some reviews on Spirit Beauty Lounge claim this can remove makeup (excluding eye makeup). I’ve tried it, and while I find it removes some makeup, there is definitely leftover residue, so I prefer removing makeup with sweet almond oil beforehand at night.
I was also drawn to this cleanser because of something Spirit Demerson (of SBL) said herself in a comment on Anna’s Morning Routine on No More Dirty Looks:
After my summer breakout fiasco, I was not sure if my skin could tolerate the coconut oil in RMS Beauty. This comment gave me a little hope, and ever since I’ve been using this cleanser in tandem with RMS, I have had no makeup-related breakouts.
While usage is recommended for day and night, I prefer using this only at night, as my skin has been on the drier side since winter hit. (For morning, I was using my Konjac sponge until it tore, *tear. Now, I splash with water and wipe with Vered Botanicals Herb-Infused Toner.)

2). In the morning and evening after cleansing, apply our Organic Soothing Gel, it is a moisturizing gel that leaves your skin soft, supple and refreshed. It is an antibacterial tonic, good for sensitive skin and inflammatory conditions such as acne, eczema and rosacea.

In the palm of your hand dispense a dime-size amount apply over entire face, using only your fingertips. Massage gently for full absorption.

This product replaced the tea tree or lavender essential oil I had been previously using to spot-treat acne. The Soothing Gel is, as its name suggests, soothing and cooling, as it is comprised of various herbs in a base of aloe and witch hazel, both of which are anti-inflammatory and moisturizing.  Thus, the Soothing Gel can function as a moisturizer for oiler skin types, which will be me this summer, but we will see if I can part with my beloved facial oils. Since I am currently drier, I enjoy it more as a gentle, light, moisturizing acne treatment, upon which I layer a facial oil. One pump is enough for my face and is quietly effective without the irritation I sometimes get from tea tree and lavender.
The Soothing Gel is also recommended for use on just-shaven areas, and let me tell you, I’ve had nights where I’ve forgotten my shaving cream (aka my hair conditioner) but I had to shave, and then I shaved but it wasn’t the best job. Normally, I just suck it up and deal with the tenderness that follows, but the Soothing Gel eliminates any necessary woman-ing up. After a light application upon the just-shaven area, I’m good to go and I’ve already forgotten that I forgot my shaving cream.

3). Before bed  after the cleansing and the gel you did earlier, apply our Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil. As the day wears on your face gets oily and we apply the Ayurvedic philosophy “Oil cuts Oil.” But that’s not the only reason you have to use the treatment oil, there are other ones, This oil will have both a therapeutic effect on your skin and will bring unbalanced skin into balance, it absorbs quickly and holds moisture which is very important and I’ll tell you why, it will soften the sebum that causes the acne and in the morning you will be able to wash some of it off.

This oil. I love this oil. I had only played with single ingredient facial oils like jojoba and argan before, so this was my first blend. It is so beautiful. It’s a rich golden color, and smells like a dream when I’m patting it onto my face. This is a bit of a heavier oil in comparison to argan, so I give it a little more time to sink in before heading to bed or putting on sunscreen during the daytime. This makes my face feel so moisturized, plump, and soft. And the ingredients are awesome, including Rosehip oil, St. Johns Wort, turmeric, otherwise known as healing, also healing, and extra healing.


Using these products together have resulted in really wonderful results for my face. The small bumpy patches of irritation on my cheeks–diminished. The acne scars littered across my cheeks–lightened and healed significantly.  My forehead barely breaks out. While I can still count on hormonal acne visitors each month, they heal within a week. My skin texture is smoother and my redness has decreased. I am more confident about only spot-concealing instead of going for full coverage. I’ve even had a couple no-makeup days! Only a couple months ago, I was too embarrassed to go outside my room after removing my makeup, so I cannot tell you how glad this makes me.

Of course, I must mention that these results did not happen overnight and my skin is still far from perfect. This was a gradual process and of course what you put on your face only goes so far–diet plays a role as well (I admit…I still eat bacon). I also had a month of dabbling where I tried adding in some of the creams for extra moisture, but I came to the conclusion that my skin does not yet require the power packed in those lovelies (but maybe I will in 10 years or so). The eye creme, also very powerful, is also very lovely, and I know I don’t need it, but I will use it until I run out of the sample. I will just say that my eyes are practically never puffy anymore, and I often opt out of under-eye concealer because my dark circles are not as dark anymore.

As far as full-size purchasing goes, I am gradually decanting the full-size Cleanser and Soothing Gel into my trial-size bottles for convenience. The only reason I have not purchased the full-size Nourishing Treatment Oil is because there are so many great oils out there that I want to try…however, I know what to come back to if my face misbehaves again.

As a footnote, I must also mention that the prices are very deceiving. The sizes for all of these products are actually very generous. The Cleanser is $65 for 4oz ($16.25/oz), Soothing Gel for $60 for 4oz ($15/oz), and the Nourishing Treatment Oil $80 for 4 oz ($20/oz). Just looking at the oil–twenty dollars per ounce for that powerful blend is a great deal! There are oils out there that are $100+ per ounce!

As a second footnote, while I am obsessed with the smell of these products, it may not be for everyone, as are the various herbs and essential oils, which is exactly why I started with the Trial and Travel Kit, which is also a great value and really gives you a good taste of Dr. Alkaitis.

Have you tried any Dr. Alkaitis? What are your thoughts and experiences?