Citrine Beauty Bar Gift Guide

I’m happy to announce that I’ve recently joined the Citrine Ambassador Program! I’ve been interacting online with the ladies from Citrine Beauty Bar for years, and had the pleasure of  meeting some of them in person at A Night for Green Beauty in 2014 (how can that be so long ago already?). I’m really excited for what this collaboration will bring and I hope you will be too. So, what this means for you: a 10% code you can use at all times (JADEH10), and these posts will typically have a preset prompt and the focus will be on products from Citrine. Usual chattiness and honest opinion still included.

This gift guide is for you late birds. It’s an indulgent set of products that are some of my favorites, that I think could also bring joy to some of your loved ones (or to yourself, if you decide to keep some).

1 | Battington Lashes in Kennedy

As someone with stick straight Asian lashes, I feel like a totally different person when I pop on falsies (and by pop on, I mean struggle for 10 minutes to find the perfect balance between tacky glue and not gluing my lashline to my eyelid). I am on my second set of these (the first I accidentally ruined because I sleepily started rubbing cleansing oil on them before realizing my mistake), and they are gorgeous, comfortable (even with contacts), and make a girl feel real glam. Give these to your friend as an upgrade to their Ardell lashes.

2 | Rituel de Fille Rare Light Luminizer in Ghost Light

This is not a natural-looking highlight, and I love that about this. It looks pretty white/pink in the pan, and on skin it comes off multi-dimensional/iridescent/just beautiful. Get this one for your friend who’s tried all the highlighters and isn’t afraid of some pop.

3 | Kjaer Weis Blush in Abundance

I crave this blush every time we hit wintertime. It’s this beautiful mauve tone that also has this great contour effect on my face, so I get this “I’m flushed from the winter cold” look but also “oh hey my face is contoured too”. This one is for your multitasking friend who loves a two-in-one.

4 | Kjaer Weis Lipstick in KW Red

You’ll notice there are three Kjaer Weis products here, and I’m having kind of a Kjaer Weis revival in my own personal stash right now. Their lipstick in the shade KW Red is a newer one to me, but I absolutely love the pop of red it gives. This is meant to be a universal red, and I agreed with that statement the first time I tried it on. The formula is a bit dry at first, so make sure to warm it up a bit and use a lip liner to guard against it from traveling outside your lip lines. Give this one to your friend who loves a bold lip and gorgeous packaging to boot.

5 | Kjaer Weis Foundation

I have had this three times in my stash before, starting from when it first launched. This is true for all foundations (I think) and definitely for this one–make sure your skin is prepped well, i.e. exfoliated, moisturized, hydrated, etc. This gives one of my favorite finishes of green beauty foundations–the coverage is really good (which an acne-prone girl who easily blushes needs) yet still looks like skin. This one is trickier since you would need to guess the shade if you are gifting this away, so ideally you have a sense of it or can gather it based on previous foundation choices.

6 | Indie Lee Blemish Lotion

There have been times when I’ve wanted to dot this all over my face, all over my pimples. I love a blemish oil, but sometimes I want to bring out the big guns to smite out a volcano of clogged pores, and this is the big gun. At the cost of looking like I have some chicken pox, I’ve often woken up with diminished pimples with this treatment. As a formerly very actively acne-prone girl, I would say that I wasn’t very happy when people gifted me acne-prone skincare, so I’d probably gift this to my sister or boyfriend, i.e. people who have asked for and are open to pimple help.

7 | rms beauty beauty oil

My first experience with this was as a primer under rms ‘un’ cover-up, which was lovely and helped the cream foundation glide smoothly on, and by extension I think would also pair nicely with the KW foundation. You really have to love the scent of vanilla to love this, which I do, for both.

8 | Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask

This product is one of the OG Tata Harper superstars, in my opinion. It’s a clear gel mask, so you can wear it on the plane, to the gym, overnight as a all-over treatment, etc. and all the while your skin is getting gently, chemically exfoliated. Get this for your busy friend who complains about not having 30 minutes to set aside for masking, because this one is versatile.

9 | May Lindstrom Jasmine Garden

Ok, this one is for you. I’m personally obsessed with the scent of jasmine, and May Lindstrom concocts some of the most sensuous, captivating scents in her products. I had a sample size some years ago, and recently just indulged in this for myself. The mister sprays the mist evenly (this seems like a small detail, but you would be surprised how many bad misters are out there) and it’s a sensorial experience, for sure.

Are you gifting any products to your loved ones this holiday season? Let me know in the comments below!

Disclaimer: Affiliate links are included in this post, but all words and opinions are my own. I earn a small commission when you use affiliate links in this post to purchase products.


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