Night routine (pt 3: fighting blemishes)

Along with having to bear with the hormone and blemish surge that is puberty, I’ve done my fair share of things to provoke my skin into anger. Examples: accidentally using cleanser as lotion and lotion as cleanser (…), slathering my whole face with benzoyl peroxide (I was desperate…and so flaky, you could have made me into a cereal–sorry, maybe that was too gross), etc.

1. About the drawing, this is how I imagine things look once you magnify the skin 1000000000000x times.
2. One thing I enjoy about taking these pictures is seeing how many things I can hold in my hand at once.

Tea tree essential oil

  • How to use: Starting with a clean face post-toning, pour some onto a cotton pad or Q-tip, then lightly dab over problem areas. DON’T GO OVERBOARD or else you will irritate your skin.
  • Why use it: It’s the safer alternative to benzoyl peroxide–works slightly slower but without the flaky (and potentially toxic) side effects. It’s antiseptic, antifungal, and antimicrobial–aka it will destroy bacteria-filled pimples
Lavender essential oil
Note: As far as using them together, I don’t. At the same time at least. I am always afraid now of provoking my skin, so I’ll use one at a time during the morning or night. Lately I’ve been liking lavender at night and tea tree in the morning.

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