Gem in the Trohv: Skincando Combat-Ready Balm

I am currently in the midst of final exams and piano performance juries, so after my physics final this morning–thank goodness that’s done with–I took a welcome detour to Hampdens for a delightful pasta lunch at Grano Pasta Bar and short nosy about town. By short, I mean a trip to Trohv Home & Gift, dress-grazing at Party Dress Boutique, Thai iced tea at Spro Coffee…and I didn’t even get to walk into Sprout Salon (but I did spy some Johns Masters, Aubrey Organics, and Intelligent Nutrients on the shelves! I know where I’m getting my hair cut next semester…).

While at Trohv, I stumbled upon this natural and organic gem from Skincando. I had seen it on Skjonnhet’s blog and on the Jeneral Store (which by the way, is a trove of natural beauty products itself), so I was so excited to find it local. I’ve only had a bit of a rub with the tester in store and my lips post-purchase (I forgot to place a Hurraw! balm in my bag…), but this balm is definitely power-packed (ingredients) for heavy duty: dry skin, shaving burn, eczema, blisters, insect bites, jock itch, chafing, cracked hands, and sunburn. Winter Summer is coming so some of these situations just might come up. I’ll keep you updated…In the meantime, have you tried this balm? How does your skin do with Skincando?

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