YÜLI Gift Guide and Holiday Event

If you’ve been reading Nephriticus for a while, you’ll know that YÜLI is one of my favorite brands. Yun, one of the co-founders of YÜLI who formulates the products, is super qualified and experienced. The products have so much great research behind them. I respect the one year (or two) wait for Ambrosia Beauty Nectar or Harmony Body Oil being out of stock due to ingredient restrictions, because I think it says so much about their integrity and dedication to serious quality in their craft.

I’ll reign in the fangirling, so here are the details. If your order is $200 and under, you get 10% off with code HOLIDAY10. If your order is above $200, you get 15% off with code HOLIDAY15. In addition, make sure to request a sample of Ambrosia for any order over $150. Good news: the travel-sized version of Halcyon is back as well as Harmony. If you’re ready to shop and have your wishlist ready, head on over here.

But, if you’re not sure what to get or need some tie-breaking, allow me to make some suggestions.

For the gentlemen

The list: Halcyon ($52 for 100ml, $26 for 30ml), Mr. Incredible ($68), and Pure ($80).

Since my foray into green beauty, I have been gifting green beauty to my family and friends, and very much so to my boyfriend. This has come to the point where he will actually purchase these products himself and say to me, “I’m going to go home and mask tonight because I have this pimple.”

He uses Halcyon as his daily cleanser, periodically masks with Pure when he gets pimples on his nose or forehead, and uses Mr. Incredible as a shave oil to soothe his post-shave irritated skin.

My essentials

The list: Radiance Set ($330). Individually, Halcyon ($52 for 100ml, $26 for 30ml), Cell Perfecto PM ($98), Cocoon Elixir ($68), and Liquid Courage ($125).

If you want to go all out, I’d say go for the Radiance Set ($330), which has Halcyon, Cocoon Elixir, Liquid Courage, and Cell Perfecto PM. Halcyon is my holy grail cleanser, gentle but effective (review here). Cocoon Elixir is my favorite out of their toners, as I feel it calms my redness the most (review here). Liquid Courage I think is a great antioxidant and vitamin C oil blend with a beautiful roster of oils. And Cell Perfecto PM I have a special place for, for how much it has healed my skin (review here).

If that’s a bit too crazy (understandable), I’d rank them in this order of “you need to get this/this is an essential product”: Halcyon, Cell Perfecto PM, Cocoon Elixir, Liquid Courage.

Treat yo’ self

The list: Harmony ($80), Ambrosia ($185), and Cellular Lip Conditioner ($26).

I have owned every YÜLI product at some point with the exception of Mr. Incredible, which I typically give to my man, and Harmony Body Oil, of which I have had a small sample, but never have owned. This one is something I want to treat myself with, especially since it’s just recently come back into stock. I learned from Guy at YÜLI that each batch of Harmony takes three months to age for peak potency due to the triple infusion process before they are ready for dispatch. (This kind of thing seriously makes me love YÜLI more.)

I can’t go without mentioning their newest release: Ambrosia. Long in the making, long anticipated, this hydrating serum has incredible things inside of it, like coconut endosperm tissue and epidermal growth factor. When I’m in dry California, I can really feel my skin just drinking this up. While I won’t say that this won’t prevent your skin from feeling dehydrated, this is not a solve-all, you still need to drink water and seal moisture with an oil/balm/your choice, I think this has done really beautiful things for my skin and I am looking forward to continually using this.

Cellular Lip Conditioner has been a kind gift with several of my purchases that I have really appreciated. I don’t always think to treat my lips so nicely, typically resorting to stick lip balms, one in every bag, lose it every couple months, put it through the laundry every now and then. But this carried me after a bout of the flu once, after my lips were just crazy chapped and I felt miserable. This makes my lips feel so nourished and pampered.

What’s on your list to buy from YÜLI? Let me know in the comments!

Disclaimer: Affiliate links are included in this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own, and I am not being paid for my words.


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