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As I’m marking each email with a #greenbeauty sale that arrives in my inbox, I am almost a bit hesitant to share them with you as I did last year in a big post of savings as a different kind of message is cropping up.

As a fellow consumer, I completely understand that you have probably been saving up for these sales in order to stock up on your favorite products, to try new products, to buy gifts for your friends and loved ones, and so on. Me too (well, sort of–I have been noticing a scary trend in my budget that I tend to spend more on green beauty than my groceries each month). Yesterday alone, I clicked the “checkout” button three times to get in on sales and avoid any out-of-stock issues.

But having had the absolute pleasure of meeting brand owners and talking to them about their love craft, I get where some stores like Spirit Beauty Lounge and BeauTeaBar are coming from this year. If you’ve seen the pictures that May Lindstrom posts of pouring Honey Muds or Blue Cocoons, that’s because while the woman is not necessarily a one-woman job, the woman, mother, and creator extraordinaire is probably/mostly hand-pouring (nearly) every single one. And she doesn’t just sell her products in her own online shop–she’s even in Barney’s these days (and they love her! I was at one in SF with my mum and we all gushed about her together).

Green beauty is full of small business owners. Yes, we have the tremendous and fabulous success of Tata Harper and I can’t get over seeing S.W. Basics in Target. But, I get that SBL doesn’t want to discount the hard work of these makers. Probably (most likely), like Strange Invisible Perfumes, much of these brands have a fairly small markup because practically all of them don’t have to deal with crazy department store markups and they are trying to create the best possible product with the best possible ingredients for us, the consumer.

So with that, I’m still including sales, gifts with purchases, and picks for your viewing and clicking pleasure. But, I guess what I’m getting at is that if you are able to take advantage of a great deal today, would you give thanks to the stores, the brands, and return for another great shop to support them on a non-sale day?


Alima Pure

Ends: Monday, November 30, 2015 11:59pm PST

What: Free gift set (eye pencil, mascara, eyelash curler) with purchase of $75+

Alima Pure recently revamped their packaging and I can’t tell you how sleek and sexy it looks. I’d go for the Satin Matte Foundation, if you’re looking for a loose powder foundation (all my oily girls, where you at?). I haven’t tried any of the lipsticks, but I know tons of people are lusting after the colors and formula, so an Ultimate Lipstick Duo seems like a good pick. If you just need one brush, I’d say the #25 Foundation Brush made me stop trying to skimp out on foundation brushes–it’s uber soft and applies loose powder foundation awesomely.


Beauty Habit

Ends: Monday, November 30, 2015 (I’m guessing 11:59pm PST)

What: Free shipping and a Nuxe Paris Prodigieuse Candle with $35+ (code: THANKFUL)

BeautyHabit has curated an insane collection of green beauty. There’s Strange Invisible Perfumes–get a Zodiac perfume in your sign (I’ve been lusting after my Libra for some time). And how about that Milk treatment and Nude shampoo/conditioner by GM Reverie? I’ve sampled Milk before and absolutely loved the smell and how it made my hair feel nourished but not greasy. If you’re strapped for ideas for a dude, I know mine loves the manly/smoky/hot scent of the Skin & Bones Face/Body/Hair Oil Moisturizer.


Be Clean

Ends: Monday, November 30, 2015 (I’m assuming at 11:59pm EST)

What: 20% off your order (code: thankful)

The R.L. Linden La Balmba Rosa in a tube is one of my most favorite lip balms–it glides on mega smooth, smells like roses, and leaves my lips moisturized. I know everyone loves the baking soda-free deo by Meow Meow Tweet, but that one doesn’t work as well for me as the original in  Lavender. My sister used the Herbivore Botanicals Lapis Face Oil over the summer and came back from camp with a happier face. Doesn’t hurt that it is blue (naturally sans added dye) and smells pretty lovely.

The Body Deli


Ends: Monday, November 30, 2015 11:59pm PST

What: 25% off storewide (no code needed)

I’ve been lusting after this brand for yonks–their products are so fresh that they deliver them in coolers. I’ve heard the blueberry fusion scrub is super fabulous and super effective, and doesn’t the cucumber juice elixir sound good enough to drink in the summer?


Credo Beauty

Ends: While supplies last?

What: Free gift (valued at $75) of two full-size products with purchase of $75+ (code: CredoHoliday)

Credo Beauty is a new obsession of mine, partly because I can hop on a train and be there in 1.5 hours and also because they hold super awesome events with brand founders like Rose Marie-Swift of RMS Beauty, Kirsten of Kjaer Weis, Sharon of MV Organic Skincare, and more. Not to mention, they give bomb skincare and makeup advice and the best samples with purchase. Because of them, I’m majorly obsessed with MV Organic Skincare right now–I’ve been using the Rose Skin Plus Booster for a month or so and my skin has calmed down so much. With my new school this quarter I’ve also started a new bike commute, so I arrive to campus sweaty and smelly everyday. These YUNI Instant Shower Sheets are mega genius and make me instantly fresher, though I’d recommend ripping them in half to make the pack last longer. I know here in the Northern Hemisphere we’re bundling up for another winter, but for those of you where the surf’s still good, the mister has recently gotten obsessed with surfing and he really loved the ease of the Eir NYC Surf Mud Pro Stick for applying sunscreen. Also, it smells like chocolate. And finally, a Tata Harper event at Credo got me back into the Resurfacing Mask–she recommended my sister and I to even sleep in the mask for a month to fight off pimples (I did it for a week, she did it for a month–thumbs up). I’m absolutely besotted with the LURK RSW005 perfume–think roses and sandalwood and just delicious goodness.


The Detox Market

Ends: Friday, November 27, 2015 at 11:59pm PST

Monday, November 30, 2015 at 11:59pm PST

What: $10 off $100 (code: GIVE10)

$30 off $200 (code: GIVE20)

$100 off $400 (code: GIVE100)

OMG, Ilia’s Fall collection, guys. If you’re a monolid girl and looking for a good eyeliner that is easy to use and hardly smudges, Ilia’s Pure Eyeliner is gold. I love the ease of the Silken Shadow Sticks, though if cream shadows tend to smudge on you, be careful. If you are a mixmaster with your Pure Elements serums, Oleosomes Time Release Delivery Creme and Pa+G sounds like a genius pairing if you’re looking to moisturize and lighten up post-acne hyperpigmentation (though I’m still annoyed the full list of ingredients is not posted online. Email me and I can forward an email with them). TDM recently kindly shared All You Need is Me with me, and I am already obsessed with this petroleum alternative for keeping my hands from turning crusty and flaky. I haven’t seen this Probiotic Skin Refiner from The Beauty Chef before, but exfoliant, skin hydrator, and collagen booster toner sounds kind of super awesome. UPDATE: for Cyber Monday, follow this url for the Cyber Monday deals.


Integrity Botanicals

Ends: Monday, November 30, 2015 at 11:59pm PST

What: 15% off with your purchase of $100+, exclusions apply (code: THANKS15). Note that the first 20 orders $100+ will receive a trial size of Vintner’s Daughter’s serum. First 10 orders $200+ will receive the above mentioned serum and a travel size of Bottega Organica’s eye cream.

You can easily hit $100 with the Bottega Organica’s Eye Illuminate Cream–I’ve heard great things about its freshness and efficacy. If you’re in the market for a cleansing balm, de Mamiel’s Restorative Cleansing Balm is absolute gold (post here). The Laurel Healing Balm is my mum’s HG for her sensitive neck. If you’re looking for a new lippie, Nudus has been getting lots of raves and I heard that 27 Kisses, most of the time, is everyone’s perfect nude.



Lotus Wei

Ends: Monday, November 30, 2015 11:59pm (I’m guessing PST)

What: $25 off everything (code: GIVINGMORE25)

I always got compliments from girls and guys when I wore the Infinite Love Perfume–the Infinite Love collection is basically my favorite. But I’ve also enjoyed Quiet Mind and Inner Peace in the midst of school stress, and I’m super curious about the anointing oils, especially in Full Bloom–always need a bit more fearlessness.



Ends: Possibly Black Friday only so maybe Friday night?

What: 25% off storewide (code: NOIR2015)

I recently had a facial at International Orange in SF and my esthetician used some Arcona products in my treatment. If you’re not too sensitive to scents or enjoy sweeter scents, I’d recommend checking them out. While the Triad ‘3 in 1’ Pads smell super strongly of cranberry, they are really refreshing and recently came super in handy when I left my second-step cleanser at home. No More Dirty Looks is big fan of the Magic White Ice for light hydration. I used the Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask over the summer and first, it smells delicious, and second, left me with a brighter face.


Pemberley Jones

Ends: Friday, November 27, 2015 at 11:59 PM EST

What: 15% off everything (code: GRAVY)

I’m sprinkling out the last bits of my Days at Sea Dry Shampoo by Captain Blankenship–I love the rose geranium + palmarosa scent and it makes my hair look less oily. Winning. Osmia Organic’s Spot Treatment was a repurchase in my skincare collection for a time–it’s easy to apply, smells good, and reduces pimple time on your face. I think the Beauty Drops PM Mangosteen is the coolest beauty drops by Skin Owl–it’s a super simple formula with a super cool fruit that purportedly will revive your skin.



Spirit Beauty Lounge

Ends: Monday, November 30, 2015 (I’m guessing 11:59pm EST)

What: Fabulous gift bundle with purchase of $100+ (code: THANKFUL)

I’ve been on a Kjaer Weis revival/kick, so I myself just picked up the Blush Brush for foundation application (the foundation brush is smaller) and the Lip Brush for applying my one and only Lip Tint in Sensuous Plum. Vintner’s Daughter’s Active Botanical Serum took the green and non-green world by a storm a couple months ago. It’s expensive, which is why I and probably you haven’t purchased it, but getting a gift bundle with the serum softens the blow a bit. I’m so gleefully joyous to see Josh Rosebrook on SBL–I just picked up a new bottle of the Nutrient Day Cream (untinted). Is it more expensive than the Pratima? Yes. But is it so worth it as a sunscreen and makeup primer? Yep.


Sun Potion

Ends: Monday, November 30, 2015 11:59pm (I’m guessing PST)

What: 22% off everything (code: GRATITUDE)

I’ve been waiting for this rare sale for ages–I’m buying me some Tocos and He Shou Wu and Pine Pollen and making myself some brain milk/coffee/potion à la Sun Potion and Michaelle. I’m already loving my Reishi and Chlorella powders–I’ve been drinking Chlorella every morning with a tall glass of water for a boost of hydration and I add Reishi to my coffee to calm my jitters. I tried some Tocos from Amazon before and it was amazing until I moved and left it. Ho Shou Wo and Pine Pollen have been repeatedly recommended on Chalkboard Mag and Free + Native as sort of the ones to get, so I’m getting them. Oh gosh, and I want Mucuna Pruriens, because who doesn’t need a little boost of dopamine. I miss my pot of Prash so much–it’s so amazingly delicious on toast. Will cry later about my bank account.


Tata Harper Skincare

Ends: Friday, November 27, 2015 at 11:59pm PST

What: Purchase any full size product and receive its travel size free (doesn’t apply to all products, including eye mask, hand cream, soothing muscle gel, new brightening essence, all lip & cheek tints, all lip treatments, love potion, limited edition resurfacing mask). Also, complimentary shipping in the US, excluding Hawaii and Alaska. No code.

Well, I know what my mum wants: that Revitalizing Body Oil. And she won’t mind its sidekick. I’m recently hooked on the Refreshing Cleanser, which I’m liking more than the Purifying Cleanser–I think it’s much gentler and my skin appreciates it more. Re-obsessed with the original Resurfacing Mask, as mentioned above–can’t go wrong with that. My sister’s skin has been hugely benefiting from the Replenishing Nutrient Complex. Ps. Here is $25 towards your first $100 order. I also get $25 if you make a purchase.


Thoughtfully Magazine

Ends: Sunday, November 29, 2015 at 11:59pm (EST?)

What: Free digital version of the new Issue 4 for fall/winter (code: THANKFUL)

I don’t know about you guys, but to see page after page filled with green beauty products I know and love gives me so much joy. Also, it gives me much joy to see familiar names–Brandie (Organic Beauty Talk), Nicolle (No More Dirty Looks), Susannah (No More Dirty Looks), Kasey (Plein Vanity), Rebecca Casciano (makeup artist), to name a few. The latest edition with the fit and inspiring Hannah Bronfman is free, guys, free.



Ends: Monday, November 30, 2015 at 12AM EST

What: Halcyon Cleanser is purchase-able in a travel size this weekend only (w00t). Complimentary shipping over $85 (code: THK$85)

Here’s a brand who’s been likened to Apple in terms of exclusivity/rarity of sales/deals. Halcyon is one of my top, if not the top, cleansers (post here). You’ll want it in travel size but you’ll probably want it also in full size. Liquid Courage is my most favorite serum if you have to choose between M.E. Skin Fuel and that (though Lilly at Genuine Glow has the reverse opinion, heh). Cell Perfecto PM, if you haven’t read/seen the post, healed my ravaged skin of scars and sadness. I’m dying to see what the new product, Ambrosia, is!


Any sales or products catch your eye? What are you buying or lusting after?

Disclaimer: Some affiliate links are included. All photos in collages are taken from their respective shop sites, with the exception of several shops/brands. Note to shops/brands: please include pictures with white backgrounds….


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  1. stacey
    December 20, 2015 / 1:23 pm

    Always enjoy reading your in depth and honest reviews. Oh and very well organized! 🙂 Happy Holidays!!

  2. Christie Loyd
    October 7, 2016 / 12:50 pm

    I see that you wrote this almost a year ago. I was wondering if, since writing it, you’ve heard anything new about the release of Yuli’s Ambrosia? The last update from Yuli (that I can find anyway) was in June and it didn’t really say anything. Yulli is my favorite brand and I’m really looking forward to their new release, but this is a wee frustrating.

    • Jade
      October 11, 2016 / 4:50 pm

      Hey Christie, thanks for following up! I haven’t heard anything since their post on the subject on why it’s taking a while to launch Ambrosia: (which I assume was what you read back in June). I hear ya, I’ve been dying to buy it since they started dropping hints. But at least for me, the blog post reassured me that it’s taking a while for good reason, that they’re really refining the ingredients/preservative system. We’ll just have to sit tight!