Deodorants ft. Weleda and Soapwalla

Weleda Wild Rose Deodorant: No-mess spray deodorant that smells of roses (as you could gather from the title). This easily keeps me fresh all day through being nervous at my piano lesson and running after buses. I do have to dress strategically to avoid wet stains, however, as to be expected as this isn’t meant to soak up moisture. Weleda also says you can use it as a body spray, but go easy, it has a pretty concentrated scent. Also make sure you have good aim. Sometimes I aim for my pits and I get my neck, or my collarbone, or my chin. ($16)

Soapwalla Deodorant Cream: This is the darling of natural deodorants. It comes in an unconventional cream form that you scoop out and gently moisturize the pits with (and then you wash your hands afterwards, if you were wondering). During this past muggy East Coast summer, this neutralized smell and some amount of moisture (thanks to natural clays and powders) but I usually felt more comfortable adding another layer in the mid-afternoon since I’m especially sweaty. It doesn’t have as strong of a scent as the Weleda Wild Rose, but I’m perfectly fine with its herby scents canceling out my stinkies. Now in the fall/winter, I like using this when I know I have an especially sweaty day coming up. ($12)


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