Hand Savior: Weleda Skin Food

– Baby it’s cold outside
– I really can’t stay
– But your hands will get dry and cracked
– Oh…in that case I will stay…and use your Weleda Skin Food to keep my hands nice and moisturized…
(^^^ Reasons why I am not a song composer)


Check out those mad balancing skills. And yes. Note the thick, creamy consistency.

Cracked hands hurt. And bleed! And especially as a pianist, I can’t play if my hands are bleeding and hurting, let alone write down t-score equations for Prob Stats homework. I use Weleda Skin Food ($18.50) to moisturize my hands and typically rough elbows after a shower or during the day for extra moisture. The thick, cream sinks into the skin with the scent of orange blossoms, leaving hands smooth and moisture-full. I haven’t had a crack this winter yet! (Coming from someone who’s had cracks to the point where thumbs were unrecognizable…also that was kind of a pun.)


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