Vive la revolution!

Revolutions in history are always interesting creatures. We have the American (Boston tea party–oh for the love of tea!), the French (birth of the guillotine), the Bolshevik (hello Soviet Russia), and on. Each uprising of the people has brought about sparks of progress and/or regress, and our days today are as so thanks to those angry people seeking change.

Is the London flag + “Revolution” + the fact that I live in America too ironic? I love it.

This lip gloss by Revolution Organics thankfully comes un-violently to you presented by George the London bear*. The color “Integrity” goes on as “my lips but awesome” for me plus some shimmer but with none of the goop stigma customarily attached to lip gloss. It lasts for a couple hours unbothered but I can’t say anything beyond that because I eat and drink pretty regularly through the day so I probably manually refresh my lips anyways every 3-4 hours. Full of nourishing organic oils (olive, jojoba, sunflower, safflower), shea butter (hydrating!), aloe vera (soothing + softening), and more, this lip gloss is nourishing enough on its own or layered on top of lip balm (Hurraw!). Definitely a step for progress I’d say. ($26)

*note: no stuffed animals were harmed in the making of this post

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