Sublimely Sacred

My gracious sister, Jolie, wearing Sublime and yours truly wearing Sacred
rms beauty lip shines in Sublime and Sacred

I’m usually a tinted lip balm girl with that one odd lip gloss floating around, but that’s like saying I’m usually a blue skinny jeans girl with that one odd pair of black skinny jeans. Now, I have grass-green jeans, peachy-pink jeans, teal jeans, red jeans, and rms beauty lip shines in two of their punchiest colors. I was initially afraid that Sublime, the fuschia, would not go with my skin tone, but the color just melts beautifully into the context of the wearer’s lip color. It’s bright pink, it’s playful, it’s cute, and it works on both pale me and my tanned sister. As for Sacred, the punchy red, when I first un-ironically wore it to sing Verdi’s sacred Requiem for a conservatory chorus concert, a friend and fellow bright-lip lover commented, “It looks so natural! Where did you get it?” Innocent red, Kool-aid red, popsicle red–it’s a classy, fun pop of red that instantly ups the glam level.

Both shades can be layered for desired opacity. Sacred leans more on the stain side while Sublime is more sheer. The texture sits between a lip balm and a lip gloss–moisturizing enough to skip the lip balm base in a hurry, glossy enough to glide over mildly chapped lips, but without any gloop. I apply with clean fingers for convenience and bonus: any excess leftover can double as a blush–see my sister’s pinky cheeks above.

P.s. No photo editing was done on either photo. 🙂


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