Inflight Pamper

The season of school has finally given way to summer, so yesterday I sat all day on an plane taking me home from the East Coast to the West Coast. In the middle of reading an Elle magazine, passing out, and reading Sherlock Holmes (amazing, by the way), I did a bit of face pampering at my seat.

Amala Hydrating Yogurt Mask sample (came with an SBL order), Vered Herb-Infused Toner, and cup of ice all in my trusty fedora

1. Moving out and airplane flying called for a naked face (with sunscreen, of course), so there was no need for makeup removal. To cleanse and tone, I poured 5-7 drops of the Vered Herb-Infused Toner onto a cotton pad and swiped it all over my face and neck, avoiding the eye area. The toner is non-drying and has a refreshing, spicy scent. (As an aside, this toner can remove makeup, but I find I need much more of it, and I don’t like going through so many cotton pads and product as once especially this one is so nice!)

2. I patted down the remaining moisture left by the toner, and then massaged a light layer (aka half of the packet) of the Amala Hydrating Yogurt Mask into my face and neck. This mask can be washed off in 10 minutes or used as a leave-on treatment, but since I was one hour into a nine hour trek, I opted to leave it on. This has pleasant macadamia nut-jasmine-rose scent. I usually get a few dry patches inflight, but this time I didn’t have a single one by the time I reached home.

Skincando Combat-Ready Balm (sample size)
3. My hands were chapped and swollen from moving and packing, so I massaged Skincando‘s Combat-Ready Balm into my hands. I had already applied this along with Badger Balm For Hardworking Hands (appropriate for the occasion) at least twice earlier in the day, and I massaged this in again before going to sleep in my own bed. Today, the poor hands are still a bit dry, but much less red and dry than yesterday.



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